‘Remember me as a crazy Raze player’ – PRX Jinggg

In a post-match interview after getting defeated by EG in Valorant champions, Jingg said “Remember me as a crazy Raze player”.


Wang Jing Jie “jinggg” Tan has made a name for himself as one of the most aggressive and unconventional Raze players in Valorant esports.

As a member of the APAC powerhouse Paper Rex, jinggg is renowned for his hyper-aggressive plays and ability to find opening picks with Raze’s explosive abilities.

When Riot Games’ new tactical shooter Valorant was released in 2020, jinggg was quick to join the early SEA roster Bren Esports.

After a short period of time, he found a home with the newly formed Paper Rex in 2021.

It didn’t take long for Jinggg’s Raze to become one of the most feared agents in Valorant. His skills with Raze’s Satchel Charges and Blast Packs allowed him to reach unexpected positions to surprise opponents.

jinggg played a key role in Paper Rex team, using his mechanical skills and unpredictability to open spaces for his teammates.

At the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Reykjavik, jinggg announced himself on the international stage. His hyper-aggressive Raze plays defined Paper Rex’s explosive playstyle, as they upset top teams like Sentinels and Fnatic to reach the Grand Finals.

Against all odds, this SEA roster went toe-to-toe with the titans of EMEA Gambit Esports.

Although Paper Rex fell short in that Finals debut, jinggg’s crazy Raze left a lasting impact. His gravity-defying Satchel jumps and explosive opening picks became signature plays that embodied the team’s fearless style. jinggg retained his aggressive form through 2022 as Paper Rex became a consistent threat to take titles.

As one of the few Raze mains at Valorant’s highest level, jinggg relishes the chance to surprise opponents and create chaos.

While often reckless, his individual brilliance is a crucial part of Paper Rex’s strategic balancing act. Just when you think you have Paper Rex figured out, jinggg appears to blow you up.

Regardless of the results to come for Paper Rex, jinggg wants to be remembered for his relentless aggression and unwavering confidence on Raze. Win or lose, he’ll be flying fearlessly into the enemy backlines, satchels blazing and rockets booming.

That crazy Raze playstyle is Jinggg’s signature, and it has made him a fan favorite in the Valorant community.