Riot Games reveals Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle: Release Date, Price & more

It’s official!


Finally, Riot Games has revealed the Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle. This limited edition 2023 Champions bundle is coming soon to your Valorant in-game store for your VALORANT collection.

This time Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle is featuring a gilded Vandal and melee!

Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle Release Date

Valorant 2023 Champions Bundle will be available starting Friday, August 4th, 2023.

2023 Champions Bundle Price

The last two Champions bundles have cost 6263 VP and 6167 VP, with the 2023 version expected to hit around the same price range.

That puts the bundles around $60, which is normal for any Valorant limited edition skin bundles.

The key difference is that most bundles come with more than two weapon skins, meaning the cost per item for these skins is up there with the most expensive in all of Valorant.

At that price, a lot of players who want to support the pro scene simply won’t be able to afford it.

Players will have the chance to buy the skin bundle from Aug 4, just likely a few days before the Champions event kicks off on August 6. It’s worth noting that this bundle is strictly exclusive and won’t return to Valorant once it leaves the store.