How to get Old Battlepass Skins in Valorant?

Valorant is a popular 5v5 tactical shooter game, developed and published by Riot Games. At the start of every new act, players get new battlepass skins and rewards to grind and earn by playing the game.


The Valorant battlepass skins and rewards are only obtainable until the act ends. After the act is finished you can not get the skins again.

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So, players have doubts if they still can get old battlepass skins in Valorant or if is there anyways to get the old battlepass skins.

How to get Old Battlepass Skins in Valorant

In short, No, after the act is finished you can no longer get the Old Battlepass Skins in Valorant.

No rewards from previous battle passes can be obtained anymore, not even skins.

If you have missed some of the previous battlepass skins and rewards, then there is no chance to get them back.

Valorant Velocity Karambit

Valorant Old Battlepass skins aren’t obtainable, so there isn’t anything you can do. Also, they don’t rotate in the in-game valorant store.

Will Old Battlepass Skins come back in Valorant in the future?

As said above, old valorant battlepass skins and rewards are not obtainable anymore.

No, but that doesn’t mean they won’t reopen it in the future. There are just no plans or announcements at the moment by Riot Games to bring them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get skins from previous battle passes in Valorant?

No, you cannot purchase or unlock old Battle Pass skins in Valorant.

What is the price for a Valorant battlepass?

Valorant battlepass costs 1000VP (Valorant Points).

If I buy Battlepass late VALORANT then will I get all rewards?

Yes, you can unlock the rewards by playing the game, and later you can claim them all at once after buying the Valorant battlepass.

Do you get Valorant Points from the battle pass?

Every Valorant Act Battlepass contains 50 tiers, you can reach up to that tier by gathering XP to unlock and claim rewards like Radianite Points or in-game cosmetics.

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