What does it mean by Walk In, Sprint, Running in Valorant?

Valorant has vast ways of gameplay styles. There are multiple ways in which you can push into a bomb site or move from one place to other.


Today we will learn what it means by Walk In, Sprint, and Running words in Valorant. I promise the guide will be easy for beginners including tips and tricks.

Walk In, Sprint, Running in Valorant

Walk In or Walking

Walking or Walk In means silent shift-walk in Valorant. This movement mode is silent so nearby enemies can’t hear you.

To do this you need to press your ” ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ “ movement keys and the Left Shift key together.

Your movement mode is by default set to run when you press your movement keys. Walking allows you to silently push toward enemies for a surprise peek. When you unhold your Left Shift key you will be switched to run mode again.


Sprint means running a short distance as fast as you can. In Valorant, you can run between two bomb sites or go for helping teammates quickly by sprinting.

When you’re sprinting in Valorant, you need to have the knife out in your hands to move as fast as possible.


Running is moving as fast as possible with the gun out in the hands for sudden combats. Your speed will be slightly slower than Sprinting.

Many players get confused about the difference between Sprinting and Running words.

Let me clear the doubt.

  • Sprinting: Moving with the knife out as fast as possible.
  • Running: Moving but gun in hands for combat situations. It’s generally slower than sprinting as you need to keep your weapon out in your hands.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks from high elo lobbies which can help in your gameplay.

Valorant 2

  • Walking in attack half. This will helpful for reaching sites without giving info to enemies.
  • Walking for lurk during rounds.
  • Running to help teammates during fights.
  • Sprint from one site to another site when you know your path is clear and no lurks incoming.
  • Sprint to switch between sites when all enemies are detected by Sova recon or Kayo Knife.
  • Walking to backstabbing enemies when they are not focusing on you.
  • Running when you’re backstabbing and enemies have info about you.
  • Running when enemies know your location and you can’t get out easily.

That’s all for this article. Hope that your doubts on this topic are cleared. Let’s discuss more in the comments.

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