Valorant Mobile Beta Apk: How to get access and Download?

Valorant Mobile is an upcoming first-person tactical shooter game by Riot Games. Valorant Mobile is currently in beta testing.


The beta version of Valorant Mobile will go live soon, but with limited access to it. Riot Games launched a Beta version of Valorant Mobile in China on April 7, 2022, and so far it is exclusive to this region only.

However, Riot Games is working hard to bring Valorant Mobile Beta invitations in other regions too. You can pre-register for Valorant Mobile via the TapTap app store. You will be notified as soon as the game becomes available to pre-register in your region.

How to get access to Valorant Mobile Beta Apk?

  1. To get access to Valorant Mobile Beta, you can visit the Valorant Mobile pre-register page.
  2. Select your operating system.
  3. Login with the platform account to pre-register for beta access.
  4. You will be informed as soon as the game becomes available in your region.
  5. Then you can install the Valorant Mobile Beta Apk and start playing it.

Valorant Mobile Beta Apk Download

You can download Valorant Mobile Beta apk for Android devices from 3rd party apk downloading sites. The download size of Valorant Free Beta is about 2.5GB.

However, please note that Valorant Mobile has not been officially released yet.