Iron Rank | Valorant Rank Explained

Iron is the lowest rank in the Valorant game. It is the lowest possible rank a player can get placed after playing ranked mode. The bottom 7% of all players fall into this rank.


Players in this rank are new to the game and have the weakest skill level in FPS games. Iron rank is divided into 3 tiers, Iron 1, 2, and 3.

Here is the Iron Rank distribution in percentage.

Rank Tiers% of All Players
Iron 10.6%
Iron 21.7%
Iron 34.7%

How Good are Iron Players in Valorant?

Iron ranked players are not so good. Because players in this rank are either new to the game or never have experience in FPS titles. It can be their first FPS game to try and it’s completely fine.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t improve. Obviously, you will learn with time and climb up to a decent rank very soon.

How Many Hours Do You Need To Get Out of Iron?

It’s the rank where you need to learn the basics of the Valorant. Not only that your teammates are also new to the game and will play the game just like you.

First, you need to learn the basics of the game. If your basics are clear then it can take up to 150-200 hours of gameplay to get out of Iron rank and climb to Bronze.

Smurfing is one of the biggest problems in this rank. Many high-ranked players create new accounts and play in this rank for fun.

If you face a smurf in the opponent team, then the match is already over. That’s a kind of painful experience for Iron players.

How to Get out of Iron Rank in Valorant (Easy Way)

You’re not playing to compete in VCT tournaments. So, take a breath and chill.

These 5 things you can do to improve your gameplay from the beginning level and get out of the Iron Rank as quickly as possible.

1. Play Matches

Play a few ranked matches and see how things work. What are different bomb sites, test out new guns, try different positions, learn new abilities, try new agents, and so on.

There are many things to do in if you’re new in this rank. Just play and enjoy. Habitually, it will clear your basic concept about the game.

2. Get a Crosshair

Isn’t that big moving aim hard to shoot enemies?

If so then you have realized that you need a good crosshair to aim. Get a dot, cross, or plus crosshair that you feel comfortable with, and start shooting.

With time, it becomes natural for you to shoot enemies without a large aim.

3. Play Objectives

All the game is around the spike. As a new player, you don’t have a good aim to fight. Then what do you have?

Well, you can have an easy win by focusing on the objectives. Yes, that’s true, but many players don’t focus on this point.

Go for objective wins and you’re good to go.

4. Watch Valorant Pros

Tyson Ngo TenZ
Tyson “TenZ” Ngo

Not just play? Watch it.

Watch Valorant pros during live streams on Twitch, Youtube, and other streaming platforms to learn the game and agent playstyles.

They may be using a cool lineup or ability usage. Try to replicate them in your games and see the results.

You will find a positive impact in your gameplay within a couple of days.

5. Be Consistent

You need to be consistent to become better at Valorant. It’s a game of practice and you have to maintain its regularity.

Still, Tenz, Asuna, Yay, and other Valorant pros do regular aim training, warm-up, and other in-game practices. Nobody asked them to do so, but still they do.

This can significantly improve your muscle memory and gameplay level.

Wrap Up

Nothing to worry about. It’s just your start in an FPS title. You probably know “Slow but steady wins the race“.

So, take your time, learn new things, improve your plays and that’s it. One day you will hit the highest rank, who knows!

And that’s all for Iron Rank Guide in Valorant! Check out our other Valorant Guides articles to help you get better at the game.