How to Quickly complete Valorant Weekly Missions?

VALROANT is a 5v5 tactical FPS shooter game by Riot Games. It allows players to do some weekly missions to gain XP in the game. You can unlock new agents, battlepass tiers, and a lot more by gaining XP.


This guide will explain to you how you can quickly complete Valorant Weekly Missions. So that you can complete your weekly mission in Valorant as fast as possible.

Quickly complete Weekly Missions IN Valorant

To complete the weekly mission in valorant you need to play the game. Now the weekly missions you need to perform those tasks during your games.

Some common weekly missions are Use Your Ultimate, Play A game, and Purchase Items from the Armory. By completing those missions you will get a huge amount of XP.

This XP will unlock your agents and battlepass tier rewards. Also, XP boosts your account level quickly.

To complete the mission as fast as possible you need to perform the tasks more during matches.

Valorant Lotus Map

Some missions can easily be done in a Spike Rush match, like Use Ulitmate, Use abilities for x times, etc.

Other longer missions like Purchase Items from the Armory, Get Headshots, etc from the Unrated and Swift Play matches.

This is easy to do and will complete Weekly Missions IN Valorant as fast as possible.


When weekly mission resets in Valorant?

Valorant weekly mission resets on the first day of every week.

How much XP is a weekly mission Valorant?

By completing weekly missions you can gain up to 27000XP from each mission.

How many weekly missions do you get in valorant?

Valorant players get 3 weekly missions every week.