Diamond Rank | Valorant Rank Explained

Diamond is the fourth-highest tier rank in Valorant. This rank falls between the Platinum and Ascendant ranks. The top 10% of total Valorant players are in the Diamond rank.


Diamond Rank is again divided into 3 tiers; Diamond 1, 2, and 3. Diamond 1 ranked is also referred to as high-plat low-Diamond and Diamond 3 ranked is referred to as high-diamond lower-ascendant.

Here is the Diamond Rank distribution in percentage.

Rank Tiers% of All Players
Diamond 14.5%
Diamond 23.1%
Diamond 32.4%

How long does it take to reach Diamond Rank in Valorant?

Diamond Rank contains experienced players. If you have previous experience in FPS titles like CSGO then you can easily achieve diamond rank within 1-2 weeks of start playing Valorant.

However, for the majority of the players, it will take up to 1000-1200 hours of gameplay to reach Diamond.

But still, it’s a hard rank to get, and you wouldn’t believe but many players are hard stuck in Platinum ranks trying to reach Diamond with just 5-10 RR gains.

How Good are Diamond Players in Valorant?

If you made it to Diamond, then congratulations you are among the top 10% VALORANT players. That means.

But what does that mean?

Well, it simply means if you would find yourself in a room with 100 other Valorant players, you would easily beat 90 of them.

Diamond Act Rank Valorant
Diamond Act Rank Valorant

Diamond-ranked players are different from other ranks because they have good aim mechanics, teamwork, and game sense.

But still, they lack consistency, peeking angles, closing rounds, and confidence level during gunfights.

Things to Improve in Diamond Rank

6 Important points to improve in Diamond rank

  1. Confidence Level: Having confidence is good. But overconfidence will cause much trouble during your matches.

    So, players need to drop their ego and play like a team to win more games in Diamond rank.
  2. Aim Training: From Diamond rank, you regularly need to do aim training before jumping into Ranked matches.

    Using in-game range, deathmatch, 3rd party aim training software are the best ways to get a good aim. It is hard to make an impact in a diamond lobby without a good aim.
  3. Find a partner: VALORANT has a big community. Make friends during your matches. And duo queue with them. It’s always better to duo queue rather than solo queue in Valorant.
  4. Focus on Team Game: You can not fight against 5 enemies together. Give proper callouts and play team game.

    Each of your teammates has unique abilities. Playing with the team will increase your chances to win more rounds.
  5. Play for Win Rounds, not for Frags: It’s fine if you’re not top-fragging. If you prioritize round wins then frag wins then it’s a good habit to have.

    But don’t be too passive, if your teammates are shooting, go and shoot with them.
  6. Record and Review Own Gameplay: Learning from your mistakes is the biggest win you can have. Record your gameplay and find out your bad habits, and mistakes during rounds. Learn from it and don’t repeat it in your next match.

    In this way, you can play less but win more matches in a day.

Apply these points in your gameplay and see the positive changes in a few weeks.

How to Get out of Diamond Rank in Valorant?

If you focus on the above points you can easily climb through diamond 1 to diamond 2 and so on. But getting out of diamond rank is not a one-day task; unless you’re smurf :). Sometimes you also need to depend on your teammates to clutch and win rounds.

Best practices to Get out of Diamond Rank in Valorant

  • Regular Aim Training
  • Build confidence
  • Drop Ego
  • Focus on team game
  • Take calculated gunfights
  • Try to Duo queue
  • Improve Gamesense
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Record and review own gameplay vods

By doing the above practices you can easily get out of Diamond and join the green Ascendant rank. It will take a few weeks but I believe you can do this.

Wrap Up

Valorant is a game of practice. The more you do, the better you will perform. Ranks are not permanent. Make sure that you’re enjoying the game after all.

And that’s all for Diamond Rank Guide in Valorant! Check out our other Valorant Guides articles to help you get better at the game.