Can you Lose RR even if you win in Valorant?

Rank Rating or RR is what you usually get after every ranked match wins in Valorant. The more you perform better during the match, the more RR you will get after the match wins.


However, some Valorant players have doubts about that Can you Lose RR even if you win in Valorant?

Let’s answer this.

Losing RR on a win in Valorant

You are given RR as a result of a match win in Valorant. Now the RR amount will depend upon your performance during the match.

However, there are still some cases where you can lose RR even if you win the ranked match.

AFK Penalty

AFK stands for Away from keyboard. Someone who leaves or otherwise does not participate during an ongoing game. Most multiplayer games have an issue with AFKs, and all competitive team-based multiplayer games face this issue to some degree or another.

But Valorant has some strict action policies to provide a good gameplay experience for all players. If you stay AFK for a significant number of rounds during an ongoing ranked match, and even if your team wins the 4v5 match, you will still lose RR.

As an AFK Penalty you ar every likely to lose RR even if you win in Valorant.

Playing with Cheater

You will lose RR if you queue and play ranked matches with cheaters. Yes, it is true.

Valorant’s anti-cheat is one of the best anti-cheat among all the PC games. Sometimes new cheats get some time before the anti-cheat detects them. But if you continuously play some matches with a cheater you are very likely to lose RR at the end of the day.

Valorant has zero tolerance against cheats and those who support them. So, keep this in mind.

Wrap Up

Valorant developers want to provide a good and fair gameplay experience for all Valorant players. So, they will take the needful actions from time to time to ensure this experience.

Hope you liked the article. That’s it on this topic. Let’s discuss what’s your opinion on this topic in the comments box below.

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