Bronze Rank | Valorant Rank Explained

Bronze is the second lowest rank in Valorant. A lot of players are stuck in this rank. Players in this rank have below average skill level.


Here you can find the fully explained guide on Bronze rank, how to improve in this rank, and more.

How Good are Bronze Ranked Players in Valorant?

As said earlier, players in this rank come under the below-average category. If you look at the Valorant Rank distribution, then you can see Iron, Bronze and Silver ranks contains the most player base.

Bronze rank has almost 17% of all Valorant player base.

Rank Tiers% of All Players
Bronze 14.4%
Bronze 26.2%
Bronze 36.4%

As you know that Bronze players have below than average skills so that means they are bad at this game. They made a lot of repetitive mistakes, bad ability usage, and all.

They are just similar to Iron players; but where Iron players are completely new to the game, Bronze players either have played enough games or have a constructive mindset.

How long does it take to reach Bronze Rank in Valorant?

As Bronze is the second lowest rank in Valorant so, you don’t need Radiant-level gameplay to achieve it. It is observed that up to 400-500 hours of gameplay are needed to reach Bronze rank from Iron 3.

Bronze Act Rank VALORANT
Bronze Act Rank VALORANT

If you are currently in Iron then you are not just bad in the game also your teammates are just like you. So, never expect that they goona clutch or win the round if you get eliminated first.

And if the enemy team has smurfs then your match is over.

However, it is not so hard to achieve Bronze rank. If you play the game regularly and focus on learning you can easily hit Bronze rank within one Act.

How to Get out of Bronze Rank in Valorant?

1. Play the Game

You’re not playing to shine at the VCT level. So, just play the game on a regular basis and explore different situations.

The more you play, the better you perform day by day.

2. Main 1 or 2 Agents

Valorant has a vast agent pool. You don’t need to learn all the agents, just find 1 or 2 agents, which you feel comfortable and start playing with them.

Someone who can play all agents, but is not particularly good at any one of them –Jack of all trades, master of none. Don’t be like that.

3. Stay Calm

Sometimes you may be the first person to die by an AWP. But don’t be angry about that. Just find out how you can avoid this next time.

Also, when your team misses any shot or fails to clutch a winnable round, just keep quiet. If you tilt your teammates, probably then can start throwing.

So, keep your mind calm and play in a relaxed mood.

4. Be Consistent

Valorant is a game of practice. Even pro players do practice before their ranked matches. So, start doing practice and warm-up activities before jumping into a Competitive match.

This will surely help.

5. Focus on Gameplay

Players in this rank made a lot of mistakes. If you continuously repeat the same mistake then you’re not doing anything good, like dry peeking at an AWP player every round, etc.

So, instead of looking at teammates focus on your own gameplay. It’s not your team, it is you who will rank up yourself.

Wrap Up

You’re still in the early stages of the ranking system. Things will get more difficult as you rank up. So, start getting ready for the hardest situations.

One day you will hit the top ranks.

All covered?

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