VCT Masters 2024 is coming to Shanghai, China

Riot Games to host VCT Masters 2024 in Shanghai, China next year.


Riot Games has announced that the VCT Masters of 2024 will be held in Shanghai, China. The tournament will be held to mark the first anniversary of Valorant’s launch in the country.

This announcement somewhat confirms that Riot Games will be hosting two VCT Masters tournaments per year starting in 2024. When the 2023 leagues were introduced, Riot Games confirmed 2023’s LOCK//IN would be exceptional and that the VCT would move to a two-split format from 2024 on.

The exact dates, venue, and format of VCT Masters Shanghai have not yet been announced. However, the tournament is expected to feature the top teams from each of the three international leagues, as well as the top-placed teams from qualifier events.

This is a major event for the Chinese Valorant community, and it is sure to be a highly-anticipated tournament. With the game’s popularity continuing to grow in China, VCT Masters Shanghai is expected to be a major success among the fans.

Chinese Valorant teams have been competing in international events since Champions 2022, despite the game’s recent release in China.

EDward Gaming made waves by qualifying for last year’s world championship with a flawless run in the East Asia LCQ. They have since appeared at every international VCT event alongside other Chinese rosters, such as FunPlus Phoenix, Attacking Soul Esports, and Bilibili Gaming.

The announcement of a Chinese Valorant league is the latest step towards welcoming China to the VCT. Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, has been in discussions with top Chinese esports players since February about creating the fourth International League in China.

The Chinese Valorant scene is growing rapidly, and the addition of a domestic league will only help to further develop the talent pool in the country.

With Chinese teams already proving themselves to be competitive on the international stage, it is clear that they have the potential to be major contenders in the years to come.