FNATIC Supremacy remains alive as VCT Masters Tokyo Winner

Back in 2021 Masters Reykjavik, FNATIC faced Sentinels in the grand finals of the Valorant international event, Masters Reykjavik. Unfortunately, FNATIC couldn’t secure a single map victory and ultimately lost the tournament.


Fast forward to 2023, FNATIC has experienced a remarkable turnaround, winning two grand finals and becoming the first team to claim two international trophies.

“[We] try to maintain a positive atmosphere. It’s our biggest winning factor,” said FNATIC IGL Boaster after today’s series.

During the LOCK//IN tournament, FNATIC enjoyed a flawless journey until the grand finals, where they faced a nearly disastrous reverse sweep from LOUD. Despite LOUD taking a commanding 11-3 lead in the final deciding map, FNATIC staged an incredible comeback, ultimately securing their first international trophy.

Their performance at Masters Tokyo was even more impressive, as the team dropped just one map throughout the entire event. In the grand finals against Evil Geniuses, FNATIC dominated with a flawless 3-0 victory, clinching their second international trophy.

When evaluating Evil Geniuses’ performance, EG’s coach Potter emphasized that the team’s primary focus for the upcoming Champions event would be to enhance their in-game economic management and expand their map pool.

As she bid farewell to FNATIC, Potter confidently declared, “We’ll see you there.”

With their recent victory, FNATIC has secured another spot for the EMEA League teams at the Champions tournament. Now, the top two teams that successfully navigate through the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) will also earn a place in Champions 2023. FNATIC has positioned themselves for a potential clean sweep this year if they can seize the final trophy at the upcoming Champions event, establishing a Valorant legacy that has yet to be seen.

“The Triforce would be good,” said Mini.