Valorant Reverie Bundle: First Look, Release Date, Price, Skins

Valorant is about to get its new skin collection very soon. NEW BUNDLE: Reverie.


Yes, you got this right. Valorant Reverie Bundle or Valorant Reverie Skin collection is the next new collection that will be in the in-game store very soon.

Valorant Reverie Bundle: First Look & Release Date

According to the leaks by @ValorLeaks, Valorant Reverie Bundle is looking like a cartoon animation.

The Valorant Reveri Skin Collection is expected to be available in the Valorant store on March 8, 2023, will the release of Valorant Episode 6 Act 2.

It will be available for a limited period of time, make sure to grab it as soon as possible.

Valorant Reverie Bundle Price

As of now, the price of the Reverie skin collection has not been released officially but it is expected that the Valorant Reverie might be a Deluxe Edition Tier Skinline, and the bundle will include 5 Skins, 3 Playercards, and 3 Sprays.

The full Valorant Reverie bundle will cost around 5100VP (VP stands for Valorant Points). With regards to the price of each Valorant Reverie skin, it should cost 1275VP, if purchased separately.

To give a breakdown, the following will be expected for the Valorant Reverie skin price:

  • Reverie Marshal – 1275 VP
  • Reverie Phantom – 1275 VP
  • Reverie Guardian – 1275 VP
  • Reverie Classic – 1275 VP
  • Reverie Melee – 2250 VP
  • Reverie Bundle – 5100 VP

Valorant Reverie Bundle Skins

As per the leaks by ValorLeaks, new Reverie bundle will contain the following gun skins and items:

  • Reverie Guardian
  • Reverie Marshal
  • Reverie Phantom
  • Reverie Classic
  • Reverie Melee (Name Unknown)

Players may also get playercards, spray, or gun buddy in the bundle as well. So, don’t forget to grab them from the in-game store.

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