Valorant Oni 2.0 Skin Collection: Looks, Review, Price

After the successful hit of popular 2.0 skin variants, valorant developer, Riot Games is all set to release their new Valorant Oni 2.0 Skin collection.


In this article, I have discussed the upcoming Oni 2.0 Collection, Skins, expected release date, prices and all details.

Oni 2.0 Skin Collection

Riot Games has seen a rise in demand for 2.0 versions of previously successful skins. And many players are happy with the original Valorant Oni collection skins.

The Oni 2.0 Collection is undoubtedly on its way to Valorant. So, if you like the Oni skin collection, get it as soon as it releases.

Oni 2.0 Leaks

Popular valorant data miner @ValorLeaks has confirmed that Oni 2.0 is in Development.

Oni 2.0 is in Development | #VALORANT” is mentioned in his tweet.

So, fans get ready, your favorite Oni skin collection will get the 2.0 skins very soon.

Oni 2.0 Release Date

As the Oni 2.0 skins are under development so possibly it will take few weeks more to come in the game.

However, players can expect that the Oni 2.0 Release Date is nearby March 7 with the Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 Release date.

Oni 2.0 Skins

The new Oni 2.0 Collection may feature the following skins:

  • Oni 2.0 Vandal Skin
  • Oni 2.0 Frenzy Skin
  • Oni 2.0 Melee Skin
  • Oni 2.0 Ares Skin
  • Oni 2.0 Spectre Skin
  • Oni 2.0 Player Card
  • Oni 2.0 Gun Buddy
  • Oni 2.0 Spray

I expect the above skin variants to be included in the upcoming Oni 2.0 skin variant. Actual skins may differ from the examples above.

Oni 2.0 Collection Price

The Oni 2.0 Collection will cost around 7100 VP (Valorant Points). Individual weapon skins will cost around 1775 Valorant points. The knife alone will cost around 3550 Valorant Points.

It is preferable to purchase the Collection in order to receive the most discount on the Oni 2.0 skin collection.

With the purchase of the whole Collection, you will receive a spray, a player card, and a pistol buddy for free.

It is simply an expectation. The real pricing of skins may vary once they are released.

Wrap Up

Valorant Oni skin collection distinguishes itself with its inspect animation and finisher effect.

On that point, visit the other Valorant skins section to learn about additional Valorant skins.

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