Valorant Luna Skin Collection – Review, Price, Worth it?

Valorant released its new skin collection named Luna collection to celebrate the Lunar new year.


This new Luna skin collection looks pretty cool and may get decent popularity among players.

Valorant Luna Collection Items

Riot Games is all set to release the new Luna Bundle with the Lunar New year 2023, this skin contains cosmetics specially made to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Skins will be available in the Valorant store from JAN 26 PT.

Valorant Luna skin bundle will contain the following items:

  • Luna Vandal
  • Luna Marshal
  • Luna Spectre
  • Luna Ghost
  • Luna Melee Skin
  • Luna Player Card
  • Luna Spray
  • Luna Gun Buddy

Valorant Luna Skins Upgrades and Color Variants

Till yet there is no confirmation by Riot Games on the Luna Bundle VFX animation. I’m not sure if these skins will contain any finisher animation or not.

The post will be updated later upon releasing the new Luna Skin bundle.

Valorant Luna Skin Collection Price

Valorant Luna Bundle will cost approximately 5100 Valorant Points (VP). Each weapon skin will separately cost around 1275 VP, while the melee costs 3550 VP.

  • Spray Price: 325VP
  • Playercard Price: 375VP
  • Gunbuddy Price: 475VP
  • Skin Price: 1275VP
  • Melee Price: 3550VP
  • Bundle Price: 5100VP

Players can also obtain individual cosmetic items from the bundle, such as player cards, gun buddies, and sprays in exchange for VP. (Valorant Points)

Is Luna Skin Collection Worth it?


Which weapon skins are there in Valorant Luna Skin Bundle?

Valorant Luna bundle contains the following weapon skins:

How much is each weapon skin from Luna skin bundle?

Each weapon skin will separately cost around 1275 VP.

What is the cost of Luna’s Descent melee skin?

Luna’s Descent melee skin costs 3550 VP.

When Valorant Luna Bundle was released?

Valorant Luna Bundle was released in Episode 6 Act 1.

Final Review

Well, the Valorant Luna skin bundle is unique and looks amazing. But if you prefer to use VFX skins during in-game matches then these skins may not be a good choice for you. Will you buy Luna skins? Tell me in the comments box below.