Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market

Valorant has announced the dates for Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market. Valorant official has announced this on their Twitter handle.


Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market start date is 15 February 2023 and the end date is 27 February 2023.

Valorant night market is a special program where players get the best and most attractive weapons skins for a very discounted price. Players can avail up to 80-90% discount on gun skins, melee skins, and more.

Players can obtain Valorant Night Market skins by spending real money on the in-game currency, Valorant Points (VP). The Night Market is only available to certain skins, which excludes Battlepass, Exclusive, and Ultra edition skins.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Night Market Dates

Riot Games stated that the Night Market in Episode 6 Act 1 would begin at 5:00 p.m. PDT on February 15, 2023. According to the official time conversion regulations, the event will begin on February 16, 2023 at 1:00 UTC / 6:30 IST / 10:00 JST.

For Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions players the night market start date is February 16, 2023.

Which skins do you want in your night market, tell me in the comments.