Luna Buddy – Valorant

Valorant recently introduced their Luna Bundle 2023. In this Luna Bundle skin collection players can get the Luna Bunny gun Buddy.


Luna buddy is an in-game cosmetic item that can be purchased using VP (Valorant Points).

If you’re finding a good gun buddy for your skin collection, try out Luna Buddy in Valorant.

How to get Luna Buddy in Valorant

Follow the steps to get your Luna Buddy in Valorant.

  • Go to the Valorant store in-game and browse the Luna collection.
  • When you see the Luna Buddy, click on the purchase button to buy it.
  • Luna buddy costs 475VP(Valorant Points).
  • You can also get the buddy for free if you purchase the whole Luna bundle for 5,100VP.
  • Luna bundle includes the gun buddy, player card, spray, and melee skins.

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That’s it for How to get the Valorant Luna Buddy. Let me know in the comments which other gun buddy you would like to get. Also, Check out more interesting articles on Valorant Skins.