Silver Rank | Valorant Rank Explained

Silver is the third-lowest rank in Valorant. Players in this rank have played enough matches to learn the very first basics of the game. Also, they have below-average game sense and skill level.


Silver rank is divided into 3 tiers Silver 1, 2 and 3. Here is the Silver Rank distribution in percentage.

Rank Tiers% of All Players
Silver 18%
Silver 27%
Silver 37%

How Good are Silver Ranked Players in Valorant?

Silver rank contains 22% of the entire player base. Silver rank comes after your cross the Bronze rank. This rank is one of the more difficult ranks to get out from. So, you can say most players are stuck in this rank.

If you’re in silver rank then you already aware of the very first basics of the game, and have normal aim and gameplay tactics.

All you need to do in this rank is don’t blame teammates and start focusing on your own gameplay.

How long does it take to reach Silver Rank in Valorant?

Well, it depends from player to player. If you have prior experience in FPS games then it can take up to 400-600 hours to reach Silver rank in Valorant.

Killjoy Alarm Bot Ascent Mid
Killjoy Alarm Bot Ascent Mid

Many players say Silver rank is an ELO hell. So, reaching the silver rank is easy but if you’re hard stuck in this rank then it is very hard to get out of this rank.

You may also face smurf players in this rank. Smurfs are basically high-ranked players who play in low ranks for fun.

How to Get out of Silver Rank in Valorant?

Here is what you need to improve in Valorant to get out of Silver Rank as soon as possible.

1. Play the Game

You’re better than Iron and Bronze. But still, you need to play more matches to learn the fundaments deeply of Valorant. Even if you lost you will learn something new.

The more you play, the better you perform day by day.

2. Main 1 or 2 Agents

Silver players don’t have a sense for good ability usage sense. So, don’t get confused with the multiple abilities of different agents. Just main 1 or 2 agents which you feel comfortable with while playing.

Someone who can play all agents, but is not particularly good at any one of them –Jack of all trades, master of none. Don’t be like that.

3. Improve Your Stats (HS %, ADR, KD Ratio)

It’s sad but true that Silver players haven’t had the best aim mechanics. So, accept it.

To get out of silver rank quickly, you need to focus on hitting headshots. Try to maintain an above 20% headshot rate for all matches you play.

You also need to achieve and maintain 170-200 ADR and above 1.2 KD ratio.

In short:

  • Keep above 20% HS percentage
  • Aim for 170-200 ADR in Ranked
  • Try for around 1.2 KD in ranked matches

So, start working on your aim mechanics. Play deathmatches, practice in in-game range, use aim training software. This will strengthen your aim and game stats for your ranked matches.

4. Take Off Angle Advantage

One trick you can use in this rank is Off Angle Advantage.

Yes, many players in Silver and Gold ranks are unaware of the off angles in the game. Playing off angles will give you free kills=easy win rounds.

Don’t repeat the same off angle for multiple rounds otherwise, you will be pre-fired by enemies.

So, start playing off angles to win more rounds for you and your team.

5. Watch Valorant Pros

f0rsakeN at the VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen

Want to learn lineups or playstyle for the agent you main?

Then you should watch Valorant pros when they are live. You will learn a lot from their gameplay like where to aim, how to peek, how and when to use the ability properly and all.

There is nothing wrong to watch and learn from it.

6. Be Consistent

I always say Valorant is a game of practice. Look at the Valorant pro. Every pro player practices before their ranked matches.

Do some warm-up activities before jumping into a Competitive match.

Consistency is important in FPS games. This will surely help.

7. Focus on your Own Gameplay

Look at your mistakes during matches and learn from them. There is no other teacher who will help you this much as you can do for yourself.

Capture your whole ranked match, then analyze it. What mistakes you did, did you peek without info, or did you give up number advantage after the initial peek, did you just dry peek to an AWP player, etc?

Learning those mistakes and fixing them helps a lot to rank up faster.

Wrap Up

You crossed the Iron and Bronze rank means you’re better than those players. But you’re still not ready to go to the Pro valorant.

You need a lot more practice, dedication, game sense etc aspects to work with in Silver rank. Improve your gameplay and the Gold rank is waiting for you.

And that’s all for Silver Rank Guide in Valorant! Check out our other Valorant Guides articles to help you get better at the game.