Riot Games updating its Valorant Progression System with the Episode 7 Act 1 release

Riot Games is about to release the new Valorant Progression System with Episode 7, where players will be rewarded based on their VALORANT playtime. Take a closer look at the detailed changes and find answers to frequently asked questions about the new Valorant Progression System.



  • Players figure out the new Valorant Progression systems quickly once they try them in-game.
  • In the middle of earning an item in an Agent Contract? Grind it out quickly because Agent Contracts are changing on June 27!


Valorant Sova and Fade

Valorant devs have revamped Daily Missions!

  • You will now be able to view your Dailies and watch your playtime contribute to earning progress on Valorant’s new daily milestones, called Checkpoints. Every game mode earns Checkpoint Progress, so play whatever mode you want and you’ll earn progress automatically.
  • Dailies stack up. You can also acquire catch up bonuses, which allow players to earn rewards even if they can’t play every day.
  • Daily Rewards grant both XP and Kingdom Credits, a new free currency that you can use to unlock free items (more on that in our next section).


How much progress can I make towards dallies per game mode?

Game ModeProgress Earned
Unrated1 Progress per round won
Competitive1 Progress per round won
Swift Play1 Progress per round won
Premier1 Progress per round won
Spike Rush2 Progress per match
Escalation2 Progress per match
TDM2 Progress per match


  • Each day, you will have 4 checkpoints (Diamonds) consisting of 4 charges (sides of the diamond). Yes, 4 Charges x 4 Checkpoints = 16 Checkpoints per day.
  • Different game modes grant different numbers of charges.
  • Dailies reset every 24 hours, matching the current reset for Daily Missions.
  • Upon completion, each checkpoint will grant a bonus amount of XP towards your active Battle Pass, Event Pass, and Agent Recruitment Event as well as some Kingdom Credits.


KINGDOM CREDITS are the new free in-game currency in Valorant.

Earn Kingdom Credits by playing games (any game mode) and earn a bonus for winning rounds (for modes with rounds).

  • Totally free and accrues alongside Battlepass XP and Agent Recruitment XP (more on that in the Agent Recruitment Event section)
  • Credits cap at 10,000, so spend it often!
  • Can be exchanged to unlock various items (more on these in their sections below):
    • Agents from the Agent Store
    • Agent Gear
    • Previous Battlepass Accessories: Gun Buddies, Player Cards, Sprays, and Titles


Valorant agent contracts are also getting a rework with the starting of Episode 7 Act 1.

Agent Contracts, a multi-level pass that unlocked Agents and Agent-themed items by earning XP, are now split into Agent Recruitment Events (new Agent unlock events), Agent Store (unowned Agents), and Agent Gear (unowned Agent cosmetics).


These are free event passes that automatically activate the day a new Agent releases and stay active for 28 days.

  • Unlocking Agents takes about the same amount of time as it did before. That’s roughly the time it took to finish Level 5 of an Agent Contract, when you used to unlock an Agent.
  • While earning Agent Recruitment progress and XP, you’ll also earn Kingdom Credits that can be used toward items in the Agent Store, Agent Gear, and Accessory Store.
  • You can still spend VP any time to buy the Agent right away.


  • If you miss the XP target to unlock the Agent during the Agent Recruitment Event, you can unlock the Agent in the Agent Store using Kingdom Credits, VP, or Agent Unlock Tokens (which you earn as a new player) any time after the recruitment event pass ends.



All the items from Agent Contracts, like Gekko’s Shorty or Fade’s Player Card, are still available.

  • If you own the associated Agent, you can now choose whether to unlock their Agent Gear with Kingdom Credits – or spend your Credits on something else.
  • Agent Recruitment Events unlock Agents, but not their gear. Gear now unlocks in Tiers – in a specific order. There are 10 Agent Gear Tiers, similar to how Agent Contracts had 10 Levels.
  • Since Agents were granted at the old Level 5, you might be wondering, “If I need to already have the Agent to unlock Gear Tiers, what’s waiting for me at Tier 5?” For Agents you did not earn in the old system, you’ll get some Kingdom Credits! For Agents you did unlock in the old system, you won’t get those Credits, since you already earned that reward – the Agent.


In order to acquire previous Battlepass Accessories, players will have to directly unlock them via the new Accessory Store.

  • Accessories can only be unlocked with Kingdom Credits.
  • Content is randomized, unique for every player, and rotates on a weekly basis.
  • Includes any accessories (no gun or knife skins) from every previous Battle Pass except for the three most recent Battle Passes (including the current one)

FAQs – Valorant Progression System

What progression am I earning when I play a game of VALORANT?

*Dailies (grants XP that counts toward Battlepass, Event Pass, Agent Pass as well as Kingdom Credits)
*Weekly Missions (grants XP that counts toward Battlepass, Event Pass, Agent Pass)
*Account XP (that applies to your Account Level)
*Flat amounts of XP and Kingdom Credits for playing games and winning rounds

Do dailies count towards all modes?

Yes – except for Deathmatch.

How do Dailies stack up if I miss a day or two, or three?

If you miss a day of play, your 4 checkpoints will convert into a catch up bonus that applies a 2x multiplier toward one of your checkpoints the following day.

Does weekly and daily progress count toward how much progress I earn for Agent Recruitment Events?

Yes! Any XP that you earn from your Dailies and Weekly Missions will continue to contribute to your Battle Pass and Event Pass (if one is active), and will also contribute to the new Agent Recruitment Event.

What’s this about a one-time grant of Kingdom Credits? Will there be more grants like this in the future?

To celebrate the launch of Kingdom Credits, Riot Games make a one-time grant of 5,000 KC to help you get started with the updated system. There are no plans to do further grants at this time.

Will players earn Kingdom Credits through Battlepass or Event Passes (e.g., Champions Event Pass) in the future?

Currently, Riot Games is planning to keep the way you earn Kingdom Credits exclusive to your Dailies, what you earn via normal gameplay, and the Level 5 reward of Agent Gear.

Can I buy Kingdom Credits with real world money?

No. Kingdom Credits are meant to reward the time you’ve invested in playing VALORANT, rather than something you can purchase with money. At this time, Riot Games will not make it possible to purchase this currency and it can only be earned by playing the game.

How long does it take to recruit an Agent via the Agent Recruitment Event?

Earning an Agent from the Agent Recruitment Event should take roughly the same amount of time as reaching level 5 in an Agent Contract took in the previous system. The bonus, however, is that while you’re earning this, you’re ALSO earning Kingdom Credits that you can decide to spend on other things.

What happened/will happen to my current Agent Contract Progress? What happens if I’m partially through an Agent Tier when patch 7.0 goes live? (ie tier 10 has 200k xp to grind out)

Any partial progress you have earned toward Agent Contract levels will unfortunately go away as Devs make this transition, so prioritize those contract levels you want to unlock before patch 7.00 goes live!

What happens if I’m partially through unlocking an Agent when Patch 7.00 goes live (eg tier 4)? I don’t own the Agent yet, but do I get to keep the Agent Gear I earned?

You will keep any cosmetic accessories you’ve unlocked via Agent Contracts previously, but you will be unable to earn any further Agent Gear for Agents you haven’t unlocked yet. Once you unlock the Agent, you can go back to earning their Agent Gear.

How do Xbox Game Pass benefits apply in this new system?

Your Xbox Game Pass subscription will still provide you with access to all Agents immediately, even those newly launched. This will also count as the Agent being owned for the purposes of unlocking Agent Gear for as long as you have an active Game Pass subscription. Additional bonus XP gained from your Game Pass subscription will also contribute to Agent Recruitment Events.

Do I need to activate anything to start earning a new agent via the Agent Recruitment Event?

The new Agent Recruitment Events will activate for all players automatically when a new Agent is launched. All you have to do is focus on your gameplay and start earning that progress!

What if I don’t get an Agent during its Recruitment Event?

If you don’t manage to reach the XP requirement for the Recruitment Event, don’t worry. The Agent will become available in the Agent Store for purchase using VP, Agent Recruitment Tokens, and Kingdom Credits as soon as their event is over. Hopefully, those Kingdom Credits you’ve been earning along the way should mean you’re close to that unlock.

Do new accounts still get player Unlock Tokens? Can I spend them on any Agent I want?

Yep! New players will continue to earn Agent Unlock Tokens as a part of their initial contract. These tokens can be spent to unlock any Agent in the Agent Store except for newly-launched Agents that have an active Agent Recruitment Event running. As soon as the recruitment event is over, those new Agents can be unlocked with tokens as usual.

Can I refund Agents or Agent Gear that I’ve purchased?

Any purchases made using Kingdom Credits are non-refundable, so spend wisely!

Is “First Win of the Day” changing?

Nope. Riot Games are keeping the First Win of the Day the same as it is right now in the live game. It will continue to grant 1,000 AP (Account Points) that are specific to Account Level and do not impact any Battle Pass/Event Pass/Contract progress.

What items are available in the Accessory Store?

Your Accessory Store will have a random assortment of offers including Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Titles from every previous Battle Pass, except for the three most recent Battle Passes (including the one that is currently live).

How often does the Accessory Store Update?

Currently, the Accessory Store will update once per week.

Is the Accessory Store the same for everyone or unique?

Your Accessory Store offers will function similar to the existing rotating store and includes offers unique to you while not offering anything you already own.

Can an item show up in my store multiple times?

If you choose not to purchase a specific item, there’s a chance it’ll show up for you again in the future.

What if I own everything in the Accessory Store already?

If you own every piece of content from all of the prior Battle Passes (Fun Fact: There are 7 of you in the entire world who fit this scenario and will therefore have an empty Accessory Store! Thank you for supporting VALORANT!), then you can only spend your Kingdom Credits to unlock Agents and Agent Gear you’re missing.

Are there weapon skins in the Accessory Store?

No, the Accessory Store will not include any weapon (gun and melee) skins.

Can I refund items that I’ve purchased from the Accessory Store?

No, any purchases made using Kingdom Credits are non-refundable, so spend wisely!