How to Create a My VALORANT Badge?

Riot Games just released a new site for Valorant players to create their own Valorant Badge. This feature is named “My VALORANT Badge”.


Valorant players can create badges with their game stats, including KD, Damage/Round, Win Rate, Headshot Accuracy, and Rank. They are also allowed to share it on social media to show off their skills.

How to Create VALORANT Badge?

To create valorant for your own just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Create Your Badge” button. It will ask you to login with your Riot id.
  3. Log in with your Riot id and then click Continue.
  4. Now select the agent and colors you want to show on the badge. You can also hide your Riot ID for privacy. Then click Select and Continue.

    Select Agent and Colors for Valorant Badge
  5. Your VALORANT Badge is ready. You can save it and share it with friends.


Some players are getting the following error:

You haven’t played this agent in competitive mode in the past few months. Please select another one.”

To fix this, you just need to play some ranked games in Valorant Competitive mode. After you that you select that specific agent to create Valorant Badge.


Can you create more than one Valorant Badge?

Valorant players can create as many badges as they like and for different agents too.

How to hide Riot ID on Valorant Badge?

During the badge creation process, you will see a check box option to hide your Riot ID.

How to change Valorant Badge Agent and colors?

You can change Valorant Badge Agent and colors during the badge creation process.

What stats are included in a Valorant Badge?

VALORANT badges included your game stats, including KD, Damage/Round, Win Rate, Headshot Accuracy, and Rank.