Best Agents to Play on Lotus Map in Valorant: All Agents Ranked From Best to Worst

Lotus is one of the newest tactical maps in Valorant. Let’s see which agents fit best in this new map and secure more wins.


Valorant is a popular 5v5 tactical shooting game. Players need to select different agent drafts to win more ranked matches. All agents and maps have their unique features.

Here are the Best Agents to Play on Lotus Map in Valorant, Ranked From Best to Worst.

Best Agents to Play on Lotus Map in Valorant


Lotus Map Duelist Tier


Jett is one of the best duelists fit for the map Lotus. Due to different angle advantages, a Jett main can easily do AWP in defense. Her tailwind (Jett’s dash) ability will give an additional benefit to easily get out of difficult combat situations. In the attacking half, Jett’s aggressive push can easily help her to get to bomb sites easily. Overall Jett is a good fit for the Lotus map.


For aggressive aim duels, Reyna is recommended for you on Lotus. She can play ahead of the team, get a frag, and instantly get out safely with her dismiss ability. Or, she can use her Devour to heal herself to full HP in seconds. Also, the Empress ultimate ability helps her to fight against multiple enemies.


Raze is also one of the ideal duelists to play in Lotus. Her boombot will clear close angles and paintshell grenades will push enemies back from the site. The blastpacks gives her a movement boost. Overall playing raze gives the player a good combo of damage and movement.


Phoenix comes with power-packed abilities. He got 2 flashes, which are hard to dodge, and blind enemies. He got a molly to heal or damage enemy players. After the Phoenix buff, his ultimate Run it Back is very helpful for large maps.


Lotus Map Controller Agent Tier


Harbor will be more useful in the Lotus map. As there are multiple angles and elevation areas, vision can’t be blocked using traditional omen smokes or brim smokes. So, Harbor agent is needed to put up a large wall of choke points and block the vision of defenders.


Brimstone is only recommended just because of his 3 smokes. Brimstone can easily block vision angles precisely. Also, his Molotov and Orbital Strike are great to play the post-plant situation.


Astra is an overall ok agent for the map. You will get 4 Astra stars among them only 2 can be used for nebula smokes. Also, Astra pull and stun are great ways to push enemies back from he site. Astra Wall is her ultimate ability which can block off a large area alone.


Lotus Map Sentinel Agent Tier


Flanking is very easy on the new Lotus map for both defenders and attackers. With the help of Turret Killjoy can cover a long-range area very easily. Also, it helps both parties to get information about flankers. Her alarmbot and nanoswarms are also helpful to stop push by attackers and defend post-plant situations. Her Lockdown ultimate ability is especially useful for pushing in retaking any site on the Lotus map.


Cypher is a good sentinel agent for Lotus map. You can hold a bomb site alone by Cypher trips and cages. Also, use the Cypher cam as a good bait to gather information. Also, Cypher is a good counter for the flankers and lurkers in big maps like Lotus.


Sage is still the most useful agent irrespective of map choice. She can heal herself and her teammates. Her ultimate ability allows her to bring back her dead teammates. Her wall is a good ability to block any path on the map. Her slow orbs will stop site rush by enemy players. Overall, if you going for a 2 sentinel draft, then one player should always go for the Sage pick in the team.


Lotus Map Sentinel Initiator Tier


No doubt still Sova is the best agent for gathering info as an initiator in any map. So, in the Lotus map, Sova is the best initiator pick for Lotus for a slight advantage over the opponent. His drone and recon dart are helpful to get enemy location and Ultimate ability to play post-plant.


KAY/O is a good agent to stop enemy abilities. His flash and molly help him to easily get a bomb site and push the enemy players back. KAY/O is a good counter to enemy sentinel abilities like Cypher or Killjoy setups. Also, KAY/O’s Ultimate ability is what you don’t like to play against.


Fade is also a good initiator after Sova and Kayo to play in Lotus. Because of the tricky map layout, sometimes using Fade abilities make more sense and provides better value. So having a Fade will help your team to push a bomb site without trouble. Fade’s ultimate ability Nightfall can be very useful in Lotus map.

Wrap Up

There are the best agents to select for the new Lotus map. Every agent has unique abilities, and using them wisely can put you ahead of your enemies. This Agent tier list on Lotus is based on the Agent’s abilities and how well they fit with the map’s layout and structure. So try them in your matches, and see what works best for your gameplay style.

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